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In a world that is constantly consumed by technology and manmade materials, our material of choice is hardwoods. Having a piece that connects you to nature in such a special way is not something that any material can do. We hope that each piece we make will be handed down for generations to come and we believe that wood in general is a timeless material that will never go out of style.  

  • Walnut- This beautiful wood has a rich, dark color which cannot be matched by any stain.  The grain varies; including hues ofbrown, red, purple, and orange. (Our personal favorite)
  • Maple- Silky is the best description for this wood, the grain flows smoothly and even imperfections don't seem like flaws. Maple comes in both hard and soft. For certain applications a figured or curly maple is used. When looking for a lighter wood, maple is unmatched in our opinion. 
  • White Oak- Containing a very tight grain pattern, this wood is perfect for projects that need to be hard and strong. This particular wood has a very consistent grain pattern that will fit beautifully in any environment.
  • Ash- Containing a very straight grain, this wood is also very strong. Lighter in color than white oak but it can also contain some slightly red hues.

*These are some of our favorite hardwoods to work with but we are not limited to only these.  



"What stain do you use?" This is the most common question we hear. Since we mostly use hardwoods, most of the pieces we make do not require a stain. When working with hardwoods, we try to simply bring out the natural beauty in the material. To do so we use a traditional linseed oil and wax finish, which provides a beautiful flat finish that allows the grain to pop, without making it glossy. 

*There are some projects where stains are needed and we are able to provide these as well. 




Joinery is meant to be strong but as a result it can be very beautiful. By using hand-cut dovetails, finger joints, mortise and tenon; we are not only giving our customers a strong piece, but a beautiful one as well. We try and further our use of traditional joinery by combining wood and metal as if they were one. 



Growing up in a machine shop, metal is my first introduction into working with my hands. Steel in all shapes and sizes is usually the choice of metal for furniture applictions such as bases and supports. With the ability to machine our metals we can make custom door pulls, bowties, and special parts for quick and easy assembly of furniture (beds and tables).



Glass is a beautiful material which adds without taking away. When combined with wood on a top, it can help fill a void without distracting from the wood's beautiful grain. The possibilities are endless with glass, it offers us the ability to look through something and still create useful space.  


Combining leather with wood provides a timeless look and feel. The smell of real leather brings warmth into any design. When designing a project that requires leather, we make sure to choose the right thickness and style of leather for the application.  



Lets work together to make your custom piece.

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